Body Shells

Classic Speed import all of our 1965-1970 Mustangs from the USA. All cars have associated paperwork and Vehicle ID Numbers ( VIN Numbers )  Classic Speed offers a range of options for Mustang Projects with body shells from 1965-1970 in Convertibles, Fastbacks & Coupes completely rebuilt using our rotisserie rebuild process. The beauty of this is that you can now do your own project at your own time and budget but you have a perfect platform to start with. All panels are aligned on our purpose built Jigs so they line up perfectly from the get go. The process takes on average 3-4 months and this is where we do our right hand drive conversions (RHD), prepare our functional side scoops, build our bonnets in metal, place our bonnet grills, hand beat or guards in metal, raise the tunnels for new transmissions the list goes on. You can purchase bodies built to your spec right through to full colour or just primed and ready for final colour when you get to it.

Classic Speed GT500cs can be ordered as well with complete body kits, here’s the beginning of one pictured below. When you have the perfect body to work with a tremendous amount of time, effort, frustration and pain will be removed from your project allowing you to put your pride and joy together as you go, you can also order a host of parts from us along the way to complete your build. drop us a line at for more information.

Important Distinction: Classic Speed Body Shells are not “Kit Copies” but the original cars with panels that have been replaced where required. This is a critical difference as “Kit Cars” will not pass registration and compliance requirements in many countries. With a Classic Speed Body you will not be stuck with a project you cannot get registered when completed. An added benefit is that you can request a report on your actual body so it can be painted and brought back to life the way it rolled off the assembly line, great for resale value and for your own piece of mind so you know you have a true classic in your garage.

All Classic Speed Body Shells will be shipped on rolling dolleys. Full colour finishes will be covered in protective plastic wrapping.



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